Website content

What is website content?

Website content is the information, the text, on a website. Images can relay information too and visually enhance your message. Yet, text is the essence of a website.

Why is text the essence of a website?

Without text there is really not much point to a website. Websites are virtual books with information stored in a library. This library is called the internet. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, are effectively the librarian whom you ask about books related to a topic of interest. 


Brick and mortar library with books
Brick and mortar library with books
Server room
Server rooms are virtual libraries where books are websites and documents

Who writes all the website content?

The website owner writes all the text. The website owner is the only person who is an expert on the topic he/she writes about – their own business.

It is the website owner’s job to capture their audience with information (content) that is relevant, helpful and interesting, regardless of the topic.

What is the point of a website designer then?

A web designer acts as a virtual editor, publisher, printer and marketer all wrapped up in one. In other words, if the internet is a library, and a website is a book, then you need a web designer to publish the book. A web designer ensures that your book ends up in the library, on the correct shelf, and that the librarian is well aware of it.

what is website content
You are the author of your own website

Web designers form part of the Information Technology Industry. Information and technology. Web designers are intimately familiar with the tools and technical knowledge involved in building a website that performs well on search engine queries by using the information that is provided to them. Tracking, analysing and tweaking your website performance is part of the function of a web designer.

Designers build technically great websites, but your job is to give them great content. 

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