Domain Registration is essentially obtaining an address for your business website. Without an address nobody and nothing will be able to find your website. In South Africa most website names end with, which tells everyone that your domain is a .co (company) in .za (South Africa). Domain names have to be unique. Your domain name does not have to be your business name – it can be a product name, service or area too. Use our Domain Checker tool below to find a suitable and available website address for your business. 





Domain Registration Durban

How do I register a domain name?

Once you find an available domain name to register, contact us or register the domain yourself with any ISP in South Africa. Prices will vary from vendor to vendor. Domain registration is valid for 12 months from day of registration.

Every year during the 11th month of the 12 month cycle you will be required to renew your domain registration for the following year. We will remind you the renewal if your domain is registered with us. You have a choice to renew the domain or not.

Once domain registration is complete, you will require hosting for your website. Hosting is the space you rent for your website and email accounts on a secure HTTPS server.


All of our business website packages include domain registration and hosting.