No matter your needs, we have the right hosting for you. We offer hosting packages that give you what you need right now for your unique business model. No extra wasted space. Your business website will be hosted on a secure HTTPS server with free SSL certificates. Hosting is the space you rent for your website and email accounts on a server. We offer hosting to micro, small and medium sized businesses.


Help me choose a hosting package

  • For a business that requires 1 email account and a tiny website, we recommend 300Mb hosting
  • 5 email accounts and a small website we recommend 500Mb hosting,
  • 10 email accounts and a medium sized website, we recommend 1Gb hosting, or
  • 30 email accounts and a larger website we recommend 3Gb hosting.


Secure and reliable hosting for every budget
Secure and reliable hosting for every budget

Can I add more email accounts?

Yes. Every email account takes up a percentage of your hosting capacity. Adding more email accounts will require a hosting package upgrade to accommodate the additional data stored as email.

Can I increase my hosting package when my website grows?

Yes, we will upgrade your hosting package within a few hours of receiving your request. Annual fees for hosting are calculated pro rata from the time of upgrade.

Can I downgrade to a smaller hosting package?

Hosting fees are paid in advance annually. In the event that you wish to downgrade to a smaller hosting package during a 12 month cycle, your hosting will remain as is until the cycle is complete. We highly recommend that you select a hosting package for your immediate needs, since an upgrade is simple and quick.


All of our small business website packages include a hosting plan and domain registration.